Are Your Leaders Ready for Next-Level Growth?

August 22, 2017

Developing key talent for next-level of leadership is critical.  The transition from management to true leadership roles can be daunting.  Ask yourself this… although your team has the sales and financial skills to lead a great meeting – are they prepared to lead and inspire a great organization into the future?    

Development planning is an evolving process.   What had a star rising through the ranks as a project manager changes as they reach levels that require leading and inspiring others.  As author Marshall Goldsmith stated in his best selling book, “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”.  Do you know where “there” is?  Are development plans for various levels of management ranks differentiated for those changing expectations?

Planning for succession is a difficult process and even more daunting during times of great change. Companies today have to be more nimble and technologically savvy.  Strategic planning that was once a 5-year plan is now a 2-year plan and leaving little room to execution.  However,  as strategic plans evolve and planning now an everyday process, so should the leadership development planning to complement those plans.  Is your “bench” solid with up-to-date leadership skills to withstand and lead the changing tide of strategic shifts?

Leadership is about vision and planning for a better future.  If strategic plans only emphasis sales and financial focus without human capital to produce the “how”, then they are missing a key component. These evolving plans must also involve thought in who will carry out these plans and prepare for them.   


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