Our Clients

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  • “Janet has provided insights on areas of growth, measured performance improvements, and provided ongoing feedback to ensure our internal growth development. Our entire staff has noticed the difference of her work with us including recommendations on expansion across the teams. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking support.”

    Ashok Sudarshan,
    CEO, Complex Care Solutions
  • “As a business and leadership coach, Janet Rives, with In Plan Sight has become an intricate part of our business. She brings a method of connecting with every associate and team leader in a manner that builds trust and continuity. For Bright Events, she provided guidance in the development of our sales, product, operations and marketing processes, team alignment and growth strategies in a manner that has our business primed for next-level growth into new markets.”

    Clint Pilkinton,
    CEO, Bright Event Productions
  • "Working with Janet gave us the insight and expertise we needed to properly evaluate our internal capabilities and outline an actionable plan to achieve our goals. She provided critical support to our team that helped position our programs and membership for continued growth. Janet became a valued asset to our organization; we couldn’t have done it without her."

    Corey Davis,
    Director of Business Growth, Nashville Chamber of Commerce
  • "Janet has been a valued resource for our organization over the last two years. Her vision and ability to grasp strategic concepts and turn those ideas into actionable initiatives has been a big help to us since we started working together. Her ability to understand our organization and work across functional groups has been a win for us. Her knowledge along with her professionalism, attitude, work ethic and attention to detail is to be admired."

    Andy Gilbert,
    President, Licensed Brands Division, Genesco
  • "Our company was looking for a clear, concise way to present our service offerings to our customers. In Plan Sight worked with us to build a comprehensive strategy that honed our strategy to target our ideal customers and provide them with the solutions that deliver the maximum value. In Plan Insight’s expertise resulted in a powerful and consistent go-to-market strategy that set the course of focus for our organization."

    Troy Crabtree,
    CEO, Navita
  • “Working with Janet has changed the entire trajectory of our business. Janet went way above and beyond the call on our strategy project and we are thrilled with the results. Even more important than the value that she delivered in line with our contractual relationship is all the value that she brought in referrals and introductions. Personally, I have become an In Plan Sight and Janet Rives evangelist.”

    Kenn Palm,
    CEO, Pilgrim Consulting
  • “Our organization called on Janet’s expertise to aid our understanding and planning for new channel and market extension. Janet began the process by seeking to understand our culture and key goals first and foremost, which assimilated her with our team from the beginning. The process from market assessment to go-to-market planning was built on fact, rather than opinion, and provided clarity regarding resource requirements and business competencies that needed to be developed. Janet is a consummate professional yet personable and relatable at all levels. Janet was able to synthesize a large amount of data and provide a recommended course of action.”

    Linda Hubbard,
    President and COO, Carhartt, Inc.
  • “Leveraging Janet’s expertise gave us an outside opinion on our positioning approach that provided great clarity. Her level of support and responsiveness was excellent.”

    Chase Wilkinson,
    CEO, BedRoc Technology
  • “The most positive element in working with In Plan Sight has been the clarity and hope gained. The process is transparent, visual and well explained. Janet gleaned an amazing accurate picture of our situation from listening, asking and observing. She assumed nothing but created a very clear visual view of our desired goals. It was like having a map and a guide that made perfect sense.”

    Rebecca Stilwell,
    President, O'More College
  • "Janet is a positive 'can-do' strategist with substantial experience in business management, marketing and merchandising. Janet immersed herself in our business and became a real partner in crafting a strategic road map to success. Janet has a terrific ability to synthesize complex issues in the development of practical goal-focused strategies for short-term and long-term success. If there are at first glance insurmountable obstacles, Janet tackles them with a "what would it take" approach to get everyone thinking out-of-the-box. It's rare to come across someone with her expertise in marketing, merchandising, production, logistics and distribution. You can come across consultants that understand marketing and business strategy, or you can find consultants who can help you design product. Jan et however has a unique combination of talents so whether she's discussing supply chain with manufacturing or account strategy with the sales team - she gets it. And more importantly, she establishes immediately credibility across multiple functional groups with the result that her ability to influence has a similar wide range. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone who needs an executive business partner to enthusiastically drive the business and get results!"

    Jeanene Edwards,
    Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising, Fruit of the Loom