How to Reach, Evolve and Innovate with Evolving Customers

September 13, 2017

No time in history has the rate of change of engaging with a customer evolved so quickly.

Think about the rate of innovation that has occurred since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. How many aspects of your day-to-day lives has changed since smart phone innovation? GPS, Cameras, Banking, Communication… one product consolidated so many stand-alone services over time.

Today, reaching your customer is evolving… quickly. There is no doubt that Amazon and other direct online retail functionality has transformed how we as consumer’s search products, services and the rate of our influenced decisions.

My client’s challenges today are centered on reach and product/service evolution. As the landscape of sales and marketing changes alongside the rate of digital innovation – so are the methods to build relationships. One sales call, one lunch does not secure new business any longer.

Experience Matched with Expectations

Today’s prospect is searching your company before they even meet with you.  Does your website and digital content answer clearly – What you Do – For Whom – and How – quickly and succinctly?  You have about 8 seconds to do so.

Is there a personal experience message your prospect can clearly translate into why to choose your product/service over others?   If your message is too vague and talking to everyone in the world – you are not translating to your ideal customer and making it harder for them to find you. Your personalized experience should speak to your niche in such a way they become an evangelist and share your experience with others just like them.

Do your words match their experience?  Don’t market yourself and not deliver or exceed those expectations. Once disappointed… they are lost… and they become an evangelist to share that too. The experience of what you sell, is more important than what you actually sell, in the land of many choices.

Keep innovating. Your product and service today is-and-will need to evolve… because your consumer is-and-will evolve, and how they purchase is-and-will evolve.  Stay true to your brand, your customer, and your message – but don’t get stuck.   Imagine if Apple never updated their phone since 2007 because it was such a success. Living in the past will only create a new competitor.  Hence, the plight of where Apple is today. They haven’t evolved fast enough. Their release this week is case in point. Releasing the most expensive phone on the market at $999 for iPhone X with very little functional innovative application, unless you are into expensive facial recognition. I am an all Apple person, but I, like a lot of others posting this week, are disappointed (again), and they still didn’t fix Siri…

So, How Do We Stay Ahead?

  • All products and services must have a heartbeat within them and co-created with your niche consumer. They evolve – You evolve.
  • Be Your Customer – Study your customer and become a student of Customer Anthropology. Their behavior and interaction with your product will produce new magic.
  • Less Old Marketing – More Conversation and Experiences.
  • Make Life Simpler for your customer and solve real problems in your products/services – even those they don’t know they have.
  • Be Courageous. Leaders today look for where the train is going, enjoy the ride, go with it and evolve. Those waiting for it to go back where it came from… will keep waiting, while a competitor passes them by.



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